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Jodii Maguire Performance Psychologist for West Coast Fever Director & Founder of Think! Performance psychology “Today’s athletes need to do more than build their fitness and refine their technical skills to succeed in their chosen sport. Understanding and building a mental A-game is more important than ever and developing a resilient mindset is crucial to be your best.   In her new workbook ‘Netset: State of Mind’, Nikala effectively combines her personal experiences in elite sport with the mental skills theory to create this comprehensive yet easy to follow workbook. I highly recommend it to young netballers everywhere who are looking to take their game to the next level and develop a mindset for success!” Bianca Chatfield Former Australian Diamonds Vice Captain & Melbourne Vixens Captain “As athletes we spend so much time working on our physical fitness, we often ignore our mental fitness. I was fortunate to have a long career playing elite netball, but it was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I often thought it was a strength that I could block out the negatives and push on, but that meant I never really dealt with a lot of things I now know, were actually in my control. The Netset: State of Mind resource is an asset for any athlete, to help you understand your mindset, create awareness around your thoughts, and give you ways to include some simple techniques in your week to improve your performance.“

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