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New Daily Journal Alert

I'm so excited to introduce the Daily Goals Journal!

There's nothing better than being a little old fashioned and putting pen to paper.

Especially when it comes to writing goals. When you ink what you think it makes your goals clear and more likely to hold yourself accountable. ​The Daily Goals Journal is your daily practice that allows you to reflect, prepare and plan for the day ahead.

Within the journal you reflect + ink: - Your Priorities - To Do list - Daily Gratefuls - Quote of Day/ I AM Statements - Shoot for the Stars - Goal Plan - Best Self

​The Daily Goals Journal also comes with an instruction card so you can best utilise the journal.

​The Daily Goals Journal now forms part of the Netset: Elite Pack. The Netset: State of Mind, Netset: Going for Goal and Daily Goals Journal really are the ultimate team in taking your netball and mindset to the next level. The workbooks compliment each other and the journal supports your daily vision - slowly but purposefully moving you to where you want to go. I use this as part of my daily routine and hope you love it as much as I do!

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