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Have you thoughts about your thoughts?

Anddddd what are your thoughts?

I'm sure that nearly put your head in a spin Over many years and different experiences that we are exposed to, we start to develop unhelpful thinking patterns that can hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. It’s not until we can recognise that we are having unhelpful thoughts that we can start to become self-aware and begin to make changes. I know this very well because I would often speak unkindly to myself (and if I'm honest, I still do more than I would like). I can often be quite harsh towards myself and have expectations that are incredibly unreasonable. This flows from personal world into netball world, but now that I am A LOT more self aware I can pivot these thoughts when they come up. I'm grateful I know this information now, but wish so much I knew this when I was growing up, as this is where a lot of our beliefs and unhelpful thoughts are embedded. Do these sound familiar? - Compare yourself to others? - ability, appearance, status, stage of life - Can you identify all the things you have done wrong in a game but fail to see the things you've done well? - Do you have look for all faults - whether your ability or physically - on yourself? - Do have high expectations of yourself or others and feel let down/ frustrated when this is not met? These are ALL kinds of UNHELPFUL thinking styles! Reality is this will never go away BUT we can learn to quieten them by PIVOTING our thoughts. The Netset: State of Mind speaks form my experiences and it's EVERYTHING I wish I had when I was coming through the ranks. Theories apply to both netty and personal words and goes into more detail on how we can pivot these thoughts.

Would love to hear your thoughts?

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