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Jodii Maguire

Performance Psychologist for West Coast Fever

Director & Founder of Think! Performance Psychology


“Today’s athletes need to do more than build their fitness and refine their technical skills to succeed in their chosen sport. Understanding and building a mental A-game is more important than ever and developing a resilient mindset is crucial to be your best.   In her new workbook ‘Netset: State of Mind’, Nikala effectively combines her personal experiences in elite sport with the mental skills theory to create this comprehensive yet easy to follow workbook. I highly recommend it to young netballers everywhere who are looking to take their game to the next level and develop a mindset for success!”



Bianca Chatfield

Former Australian Diamonds Vice Captain

& Melbourne Vixens Captain


“As athletes we spend so much time working on our physical fitness, we often ignore our mental fitness. I was fortunate to have a long career playing elite netball, but it was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. I often thought it was a strength that I could block out the negatives and push on, but that meant I never really dealt with a lot of things I now know, were actually in my control.

The Netset: State of Mind resource is an asset for any athlete, to help you understand your mindset, create awareness around your thoughts, and give you ways to include some simple techniques in your week to improve your performance.“

Belinda Reynolds

Sunshine Lightning Coach

Former West Coast Fever Assistant Coach/Academy Coach

“Had the privilege of listening to Nikala Smith @Thinking Rewired Netset workshop during the 2020 17/19U National Netball camp. Nikala quickly connected with our athletes, sharing and reflecting on her first hand experience as an elite netball athlete. Nikala’s passion for her story and the tips and tools presented have encouraged the girls to have a growth mindset enabling them to focus on their holistic journey as elite athletes. Thank you Nik”.

Melany Pollock

KADS Coordinator - Karratha Netball Association

“Karratha Netball Association recently invited Nikala to do a workshop for our athletes and coaches. We wanted to work on goal setting and mindset work heading into the 2022 season. Both sessions were interactive, engaging and helped to establish a goal setting framework for their future. It was also a very open and honest forum where the athletes felt safe sharing their stories. Nik's sessions were a great reminder that the game starts in your head and mental resilience is just as important as on court and physical performance”.


Karratha - PSA Netball

“I found it really beneficial. I have done two of the sessions now and both have been super different and I really enjoyed both”. I really love your Instagram pages. And personally, love to look at what your pathway has been with netball. I really enjoy your sessions you have bought to us and I personally really liked the State of Mind the most.”


Netball Athlete

"I highly recommend the Netset: Elite Pack for someone like myself who likes to set goals, the Daily Goals Journal is a great book for anyone who likes to write down what they need to do for the day. I personally love writing down what I’m grateful for everyday, a quote of the day to motivate myself for the day and writing down priorities. Another book that I love about the pack is the Netset: State of Mind book where it explains and educates you more about the mindset not only netball but in life. This book also provides helpful tips to improve to our mindset. The Netset: Going for Goal book is a great book to write down how you can improve your game mentally and gives helpful tips for setting goals. I highly recommend these books as it can help in the long term and provides so much insightful and helpful tips and information”.

Linda Easter

President of Padbury Netball Club (WDNA)

"Padbury Netball Club held a Thinking Rewired workshop for both our Junior and Senior members separately. We concentrate so much on our physical skill sets and these workshops reminded us all on how equally important it is to work on our mindset as players as well. These workshops were great to discuss the mindset aspects of playing within our teams as well as individuals. Our members all really enjoyed them as well as got so much value from them."

Leia Urquhart

Southport Carrara Netball Association Rep Program (GCNA)

"The Southport Carrara Netball Association engaged Thinking Rewired to present to our representative players as they prepared for the QLD state age titles.  The sessions were undertaken by the seniors (15-17) and juniors (12-14) and each session was age appropriate and tailored to the needs of the teams and players. Being in Queensland the sessions were virtual and Nikala engaged so well with all of the players, one session saw in excess of 40 players on line and Nikala ensured each player felt valued and heard.    

 As a result of the sessions our players are aware of the importance of mindset and have spoken very highly of the session and Nikala.  

 SCNA cannot thank Thinking Rewired enough and will definitely work with Nikala again!"

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Nikala Smith attempting to get a shot over Bianca Chatfield (2008)

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