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Thinking Rewired Workshops

Giving young athletes the tools and strategies to manage their mindset and perform at their best, on and off the court

Interactive workshops helping young athletes train their brain, increase their confidence and pivot negative thoughts


You know mindset determines your athlete’s and team’s performance and wellbeing… but what does that actually mean?


If talking about your athlete’s mindset, thought process, emotions or goals with them feels like one of those topics you’d rather chest pass to the expert, you’re in the right place.


Mindset - /ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt/ - noun

A set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself.  It influences how you think, feel and behave in any given situation.


Mindset issues can look different for every athlete.  Issues could look like:


→ only acknowledging or dwelling the things they’ve done wrong, instead of celebrating the things they’ve done right

→ managing negative situations in a defensive or aggressive manner

→ giving in to unhelpful or negative thoughts which affects them on and off the court


Believe it or not, there’re SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE ways to manage these issues that’ll have your team at the top of the ladder, and more importantly, thinking and feeling like high performing, elite athletes.

Unlike other workshops, your team will uncover priceless mindset and life skills that can be applied on, and off court. 
Your team will leave knowing exactly how to:

→ manage their emotions and attitude when they’re dealt tough blows (or the questionable calls)

→ grow their mindset and set themselves apart from other athletes (helloooo professional leagues)

→ set goals to work towards and map out a clear way forward

→ train their brain like a disciplined high performing athlete

→ become resilient and stay calm under high pressure situations

→ apply the skills they learn and the activities they practice to their own life

Workshops available

State of Mind Workshop:

→ fixed vs growth mindset

→ pivoting unhelpful or negative thoughts by developing their mindset toolbox

→ creating affirmations and daily actions that’ll be the building blocks for your athlete’s future


Going for Goal Workshop:

→ understaning what goals are

→ creating goals

→ handling setbacks


Team Growth Workshop:

→ understanding emotional intelligence and how to apply it to sport and life

→ circle of influence

→ communication

Sharp Shooter Workshop (2 hours):

→ be confident in your shot

→ utilise tools to get back on track after a miss

→ handle high pressured situations


With no bad calls from the ref here, Thinking Rewired’s workshops are open to all sports, because at some stage, every athlete will experience their own mindset struggles. 


Each workshop runs as an interactive forum over approximately 1.5 hours, where interaction and communications encouraged. 


Groups will complete activities together, allowing athletes and coaches to reflect and understand how the information applies to them individually and as a team.


Workshops can be presented face to face or virtually and are suitable for ages 12 and over.



Additional workbook packs are available at a discounted cost - enquire while booking to secure your discount!

Give your team the performance edge over their competition and reposition their mindset. 
The balls in your court! 🏐

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