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Are you playing above or below the line?

Psychologist, Carol Dweck, known for her work in understanding mindset traits, has identified that there are essentially two types of mindsets. The fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

Before we can even start to begin to work on our mindset, we need to understand where we currently sit within these two mindset types. This will determine how open we are to change and our ability to grow

Below is a summary of what this may look like on the netball court:

🌟Playing above the line

⬆️ Growth mindset

⬆️ Takes on feedback from coaches or teammates

⬆️ Looks as challenges as an opportunity to grow

⬆️ Doesn’t react to umpires as you know you can’t change anything

⬆️ Supports team mates whether you’re on or off the court

⬆️ Prepared to take risks and try something new

🌟Playing below the line

⬇️ Fixed mindset

⬇️ Gets defensive or dismisses feedback from coaches or team mates

⬇️ Looks at challenges as too hard and what’s the point?

⬇️ Gets caught up in things they can’t control and becomes their main focus

⬇️ Get’s jealous of team mates and is mainly concerned with themselves

⬇️ Won’t take risks as doesn’t want to look “dumb” in front of others

When you become aware of what it means to play above or below the line, it really gets you thinking 💭and reflecting 🧐(possibly in other areas of your life too) Don’t worry we ALL will play above and below the line at various points, this is normal, but once we catch ourselves below we can learn to pivot and move ourselves above. The more we practice, the quicker we will pivot to that growth mindset.

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