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Mastering the mental game


Are your athletes performing at their highest potential? 

Work with Perth’s leading Sports Mindset coach and give them the competitive edge over their competition!

Supporting young athletes by giving them the tools and knowledge to manage their mindset and elevate their game to elite standards

I can help you, because I’ve been there.

If your players are having a hard time managing difficult situations, experiencing performance anxiety or just not working as a team – you’re in the right place

When you’re working with young athletes, it can be hard to have the difficult conversations around mindset and where their heads are at. 

You should feel confident in being able to handball those conversations to someone who’s been there, experienced that and knows EXACTLY how to think like an elite athlete.


It’s time to team up with Thinking Rewired’s sports mindset expert to make your job just that little bit easier.


Hey! I’m Nikala Smith, former West Coast Fever, Perth Orioles player and Southside Demons WANL player

And I’m the elite athlete and mindset expert behind Thinking Rewired, which specialises in giving young athletes the tools and knowledge to empower them, manage their mindset and set goals for their future, on and off the court.

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