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Netset: Coaching Pack

If you are a coach or club wanting to incorporate the mindset component into your approach, but don't know where to start?


I got you!

The Netset: Coaching Pack opens the door to the mindset conversation and empowers both you and your players to take ownership for their mindset learning.

The pack provides key content to be discussed and includes activities that can be completed as a team.

Completing together will establish a common language with one another and gain a greater understanding of how each other operates for team success.

The PowerPoint Presentation can be presented either virtually or face to face.

The Netset: Coaching Pack includes the following topics:

  • Fixed vs Growth mindset and how this applies to netball

  • Developing your Mindset Toolbox

  • Unhelpful Thinking Styles

  • Pivoting your thoughts

  • Affirmations

  • Commitment

What you get:

  • PowerPoint Presentation Pack (30 slides)

  • Key talking points for content

  • Netset: State of Mind Ebook to support learning X 1

  • Activity sheets - printable

  • Club logo on PowerPoint slides

  • Discount for individual workbooks/ Ebooks

  • Unlimited use

  • Access to me for any questions you may have! 

Delivered to your inbox!

 Ebook will be delivered immediately.

PowerPoint slides and activity sheets will be delivered separately.

Please enter team/ club/ association details on checkout.


*Please note that on purchase there will be a maximum 2 business day turn-around on delivery of PowerPoint slides with the inclusion of your club logo.


Let the (mindset) game begin!

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