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Find your purpose, focus your energy & watch your goals come 👏🏼 to 👏🏼 life 👏🏼


The team pack was established so that teams, clubs or associations can work through the workbook together, unlocking the team vision, creating a plan and holding each other accountable to get there.


To be successful on (and off) the court, you need structure and a game plan (and don’t forget to warm up!).  The most effective way to create purpose and take control of your future?


By setting SMARTER goals 


The Going for Goal workbook gives you the knowledge, tools and prompts to:


  • Dream big & get clear on your future with SMARTER goals
  • Train and play netball with more purpose & drive
  • Figure out what you really want & how to work towards it
  • Determine where to focus your energy to achieve your goals
  • Smash out the 1%ers that impact your performance (mentally & physically)


Until we voice what it is we are working towards it can make it difficult for others to understand exactly what it is you want.


The team pack consists of TEN workbooks.


*** Please note the content contained replicates Going for Goal Team Packs, except this is geared specifically towards netballers.

Team Pack - Netset: Going for Goal Workbook

  • Please note that the material enclosed is for educational purposes only.
    The information and tools are of general nature and can assist in developing a healthy mindset.
    It is not designed as treatment for depression or other clinical disorders and individuals shoul seek professional help if required.

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