Grab yourself a copy of the Sharp Shooters Workshop to work through at your own pace.


This is a 1.5 hour  Intensive Workshop, talking all things shooting and mindset.


You will receive a digital copy of the Sharp Shooters handbook that can be printed and a link to the recording.


It may be the "glory" position but this can come at a cost - with all the pressure and expectations we (mostly) put on ourselves!


If you're feeling like:

  • Your shooting performance impacts your court time in the future
  • If you don't hit the %'s you're letting everyone down
  • Your defender is always better than you
  • There is always so much pressure on every. single. shot.
  • You won't recover if you miss a couple of shots




The workshop covers the only the mindset component and is open worldwide.

The overarching theme is unhelpful thoughts, where we then we dive into 3 pillars, to help us get our head in the game.

Pillar one  - Tools - What tools can we draw on when we are feeling the pressure

Pillar two - Process - Refine our process so that it is sound and consistent no matter what external factors are coming at us

Pillar three - Focus - Indetify where we are putting our energy


You will leave feeling:

  • Confident in your shot
  • Equipped with the tools to get back track if you miss some goals
  • Capable of more than you know
  • That you can handle high pressured situations


It's time to Shoot for the Stars!!


***Please note as seperate email will be sent through after your purchase with the Handbook and  the Link to watch the  recording. Please check your junk mail.

Sharp Shooters Virtual Workshop Recording