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I get it!


I've been where you are before...


→ Wake up feeling nervous and hope you don't shoot "bad" today

→Incredibly nervous in the car on the way to the courts taking deep breaths

→Thinking about your opponent and how they have a long reach and if you will be able to shoot over it

→Trying to visualise yourself shooting, but can only see yourself missing

→Go to the toilet for your nervous wee… once.. twice maybe three times

→The coach is talking, but you're in your head thinking about the next quarter and if you'll miss more goals

→ Calculating your stats after each shot or miss...

→ Telling yourself you can't miss the next one, after missing 

→ Overthinking the shot under the post and how embarrassing it will be if you miss

→Telling yourself you're letting the team down when you have  missed a shot

→Hoping you get taken off, as feel like you're letting the team down

→Feeling relieved once on the bench

→Thinking everyone is blaming you for losing the game

→Blaming yourself and your shooting for the loss

Sound familiar?


These are many of the repetitive thoughts that would go through my mind before, during and after game day. Exhausting hey!


Come join Sharp Shooter!


the outcome:

​​→ BELIEVING in yourself and YOUR ABILITY to SCORE

​​​→ Being PRESENT and becoming aware of "WHAT IF" thinking

​​→ MANAGING your thoughts so they don’t spiral on court

​​→ Tools to prepare you mentally so you can FEEL CALM & CONTROL in pressured situations

→ Focus on PROCESS over OUTCOME

​​→ Embracing CHALLENGES that may come up in the game

​​→ CONFIDENCE to play to your FULL potential and take RISKS

​​→ Improve your QUALITY of thoughts to OPTIMISE PERFORMANCE

​→ Enjoying the game and have FUN!


What you get:

→ Live ZOOM session

→ Copy of recording

→  Discount on workbooks

→ Access to me and my experiences

Sharp Shooter LIVE Workshop

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