Netset: State of Mind Workshop

Have former West Coast Fever and Perth Orioles player, Nikala Smith, host the

Netset: State of Mind workshop with your team!

As a former professional netballer, I managed performance anxiety and at the time there was a lot of focus on training our body physically, but not a lot focus on the importance of training our brain.

I think it's great that teams and clubs are starting to recognsise that our mindset plays a huge part in our on court success, but often unsure where to start.

I am passionate about sharing information, tools and strategies to assist in giving you the netball advantage and developing a healthy mindset.

I hope to bring normality to these kinds of conversations, giving players the opportunity for growth on and off the court.

All the information provided can be applied to the game of netball and the game of life. Completing this workshop as a team will help you build a common language with one another and gain a greater understanding of how each other operates for team success.


The format of each workshop is 1.5 - 2 hour interactive forum where two-way communication is encouraged.  

We will complete activities together allowing players and coaches to reflect and understand how the information can apply to them personally.
Due to current restrictions workshops can host 19 people (myself making 20).

I have found that smaller groups are more effective, as this is more intimate and allows for more open conversation.

Suitable for ages 12+



  • ·        Fixed verses growth mindset

  • ·        Understanding emotional intelligence

  • ·        Mindset toolbox

  • ·        Unhelpful thoughts

  • ·        Creating affirmations

  • ·        Goal setting

  • ·        Pivoting unhelpful thoughts

Players will leave feeling empowered with the tools and knowledge to assist them in creating their best version of success on and off the court.

Contact me directly here to discuss.